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What People Say - Scottish Leaders TestimonialsTestimonials

“This vision for Scottish Leadership is inspirational and I would thoroughly recommend it to MDs looking to advance themselves and their organisation.”
Colin McGill. Managing Director. www.dynamic-leadership.co.uk

“This programme will help turn you from being a really good leader to an excellent one. Provided that you have got the courage to plunge yourself into it. It will almost certainly produce very positive results for any leader who accepts the challenge of improving themselves and the organisation they are serving. If you are serious about growth, this is the programme for you. You and your organisation will greatly benefit. I have no doubt ScottishLeaders will make a difference.”
Graham Bell. Chief Executive. www.KIBBLE.org

“There is no doubt that ScottishLeaders have helped me focus on the thing that really matter in my business. Having a place to go to share my issues in total confidence is immensely valuable to me. The direct result has positively impacted my bottom line.”
Brian Sarafilovic. Managing Director. www.parsfoods.co.uk

“I always want to make sure my time is well spent so I really had to think carefully about joining ScottishLeaders. I’m so glad I did. Getting to work and share with some amazing leaders has taken me on to a new place in my own journey as a leader. Really, any business leader who rejects being a Member of ScottishLeaders is missing out big time on experience and wisdom you will rarely have access to.”
Stuart Macdonald. Managing Director. www.seric.co.uk

“I’ve been so impressed with the high calibre of leaders that ScottishLeaders bring to the table. They are top drawer. It makes each meeting so worthwhile. I’ve been in business a long time so know most of the tricks. But the wisdom around the ScottishLeaders table is something else.”
Gerry Facenna. Managing Director. www.alliedvehiclesltd.com

“It’s a privilege to work with some of the most inspiring leaders in the country. Talented and insightful, they come together as Members of Scottish Leaders and make a massive difference in the lives of their peers. Walking with them on their Transformational journey is a very special place for me to be.”
Iain Macleod. ScottishLeaders Mentor.

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