How It Works

Scottish Leaders - Monthly MeetingsWe Work Together

Every Month

Each ScottishLeaders Group is made up of a maximum 15 members (each group) who meet for half a day each month.  All Members come together to learn, share, encourage, challenge and grow together.  Find solutions, share best practice and workshops and deal with issues and strategies.

There are 12 sessions each year.

Scottish Leaders - Workshops and World Class Mentors supporting you.Workshops

As part of the monthly meeting, every second month in each Group we have a World Class Workshop Leader discussing key topics facing the group at that time.

There are 6 sessions each year.


Each Member has one hour of 1-to-1 mentoring session with their ScottishLeaders Mentor once a month.

There are 12 mentoring sessions each year.


Speakers on current issues, for example, the Budget with Scott-Moncrieff or Legislation.  Also leading policy makers.  As appropriate.

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